All swimmers on our team must know and understand the USMS code of conduct described in USMS Article 402. We ask that all members click the link and take the time to read it.

We want all of our members to feel safe and comfortable participating in all of our team’s activities. If anyone in our club has acted in any manner that leaves you feeling otherwise, please immediately report the incident to the coach on deck.  If the on-deck coach is the assistant coach, he will immediately report the incident to the head coach.  From there, the following steps will take place:

  1. The head coach will investigate the incident.
  2. Once completed, the head coach will determine appropriate consequences, if necessary, based on the severity of the conduct violation.  Consequences are referenced in Article 402, which states, “…any member may be denied membership, censured, placed on probation, suspended, fined, or expelled from USMS”.
  3. The head coach will then notify the St Pete Masters Board of the incident as well as the consequence.

When someone feels their personal safety or security has been violated by the inappropriate conduct of another, they should be able to feel safe in reporting it, confident that it won’t happen again, and continue to enjoy participation in our club. Your head coach and board of directors are committed to ensuring that will always be the case.